#1 Payment Processor For Ecommerce Entrepreneurs 

No Reserves
Your sales = your money. Reserves can add up fast, especially when you are working with slim margins. Why should your processor hold all of the profit you make? With a trusted relationship with a mid, they shouldn't. 
Next Day Funding
We know how much time and work goes into getting a campaign to scale, and nothing is worse than having to turn off a successful ad campaign because of your processor. Get the speed of Next Day Funding and receive funds faster than Stripe and Shopify Payments.
Lowest Rates
Why do traditional banks treat everyone as if they are high risk? Good question. Get the rates you should with our interchange plus model. Great rates without a reserve and next day funding will keep your business moving.
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E-Commerce Processing
The Problem
We've learned from first hand experience that processing is one of the most frustrating things to deal with when running an E-Commerce company. Reserves placed on your account, delayed payouts up to multiple weeks long, and caps on how much volume your processor "allows" you to do as soon as you catch a stride.
The Solution
After years of hopping around dozens of different processing solutions, we finally decided to build our own that we now offer externally to select E-Commerce companies. Once approved, we provide processing accounts with No Reserves, Unlimited Monthly Volume, and Next Day Funding.
Processing For Scale 

Who Is Mentis?

Mentis Collective is a group of entrepreneurs and business owners with over $30 million of revenue and resources behind us. Mentis Processing is the trusted processing relationship we use for all of our businesses. Learn more about us by clicking the button below.

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